Comfortable, contemporary living in a handsome, old-fashioned factory building on the outskirts of the city centre: the building’s prestige and appeal speak for themselves. That’s why Lubro doesn’t need embellishment. Magnificent steel lower facades and a folding glass wall that can be opened all the way up to accentuate the property’s qualities.

With 280 m2 of living area, life in Lubro can be described as nothing less than expansive. The building’s arched roof and existing structural elements are truly spectacular. The empty spaces flanking the second floor on either side create the illusion that the floor floats above the first. The houses have a luxurious finish and come furnished with a full bathroom and kitchen.

The entry to your new home is on the quay of the new city canal. Alternatively, you can enter directly via the private underground car park, where you have three personal parking spaces. The private terrace behind the house is a lovely place to while away the time, and from this vantage point you have an outlook over the enchanting green courtyard garden.

For approximately 1.4 million euros you can acquire the deed to this marvellous property and make your dream of living in Lubro a reality.

Your own story

To settle on the interior layout that best suits your living requirements, you and our interior designer will work together to identify the options that reflect what you have in mind. Our architect and interior designer have developed four floor plans as a starting point for your perfect home. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy an office at home or bask in the expanse of free space instead. Either way, the choice is yours. With 280 m2 of personally arranged living comfort, you have the opportunity to create your own story in Lubro. It’s sure to be a promising personal chapter in the history of this beautiful piece of town.

The property’s features in a nutshell

  • The charm of industrial heritage, an open view of structural elements;
  • Modern living comfort and a superior standard of finish;
  • The new city canal at your doorstep;
  • Three private parking spaces in the private underground car park;
  • Direct access to your home via the underground car park;
  • Incredibly spacious homes, 280 m2 of personally arranged living comfort;
  • Ample in-built storage, ensuring plenty of space to tidy away your belongings;
  • Lovely private terrace and a verdant communal courtyard.

Create your own history

A mere six unique townhouses are available: don’t miss out.
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