The convenience of the city
just around the corner

Walk or cycle from Lubro via the Bemuurde Weerd and the Oude Gracht to the brown cafés, canals and canal-side homes, shops and restaurants. Fashion boutiques and shops where you can purchase organic products are also nearby. Taking care of your grocery shopping at the AH, popping over to the gym for a quick workout, and dropping off your children at the crèche: everything is close by and easy to navigate.

There are so many trendy spots in the area, it’s impossible to mention them all

For instance, take the combined restaurant and workspaces; it won’t take you any time at all to discover this section of Lubro. The building’s former offices were once located here. A bit further, but still comfortably close by, you’ll find the Le Jardin and Simpel restaurants. However, culinary experiences aren’t the only thing special about this area. You’ll also find the theatre, Tivoli Vredenburg, the central museum and the Rachmaninoff design shop. Naturally, Wijncafé Lefebvre is also a must. And don’t forget the Griftpark, a fantastic place to be.

Create your own history

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