A creative start for your new home

Interior designer Bianca Gels, owner of The Home Factory in Alphen aan de Rijn, and her team provide professional support in the field of interior design and are there to help you make the most stylish, creative choices.

Create your own design or co-design
with The Home Factory

Bianca explains: ‘The Home Factory was asked to think along with buyers about the design and layout of the homes. There are six townhouses, each with a host of possibilities. You can decide to design the interior and layout of your new home yourself. That freedom is there. But where do you start? How do you approach something like this as a buyer?’

Two consultations

‘It’s our pleasure to assist buyers who are looking for support in the area of design and layout. Together we’ll sit down around the table to explore precisely what the buyer has in mind. Based on this consultation, we provide buyers with a design-oriented starting point. We are intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities that these unique townhouses represent. We’ll work with you to write your chapter of history here.’

Create your own history

A mere six unique townhouses are available: don’t miss out.
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